EcoMATE™ Cloud

Web reporting solution for seagoing vessels.
  • Centralised web reporting tool for vessels running the EcoMATE system
  • Automatic transmission of data to shore for fleet reporting and monitoring
  • Safe access to actual measured data from vessels
  • Easy download and analysis of fleet reporting and monitoring data
Ecomate App


EcoMATE, the vessel performance system and fleet operation optimization software from KROHNE, was designed to be a complete turnkey solution for real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, emissions and bunkering. Regardless of vessel type, EcoMATE, provides the complete picture you need to improve performance while lowering costs. As a result, EcoMATE has become the preferred solution for many major shipping companies.

The EcoMATE Cloud is a shore-based, centralized web reporting tool for vessels running the EcoMATE system. The connected EcoMATE vessels automatically transmit data to the cloud, where you can view, download and analyse your data from a convenient dashboard summary. The EcoMATE system's four modules work in tandem to provide operational users with complete control and visibility over important fuel data.

Shipowners and operators can view trends of fuel consumption or emissions in correlation with temperature, speed and/or kilowatt thrust per vessel. Additionally a comparison of vessels and bunker batch reports can be generated. The measured data can be easily downloaded and analysed down to individual fuel consumption point level.