Get ready to meet CII, a new sustainable regulation, via EcoMATE™

EcoMATE™ is now ready
with a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

Integrated into the dashboard, allowing ship operators and managers to readily quantify, comply and report on carbon emissions from ongoing operations.

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A significant but necessary challenge for the marine industry

To meet global shipping decarbonisation targets, ship managers and owners with ships in service (greater than 5,000 GT) must prepare in advance for the CII. Based on reported IMO DCS data, a ship's performance will be graded annually on a fivetiered scale (A to E).

Ship managers are then required to consider the CII profiles of their vessels on an annual basis in order to reduce carbon emissions and comply with regulations. Furthermore, by the end of 2022, vessels receiving an E or D rating (three years in a row) must have an optimised Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) developed and approved.

The SEEMP must include a plan for achieving CII targets and documentation of a ship's compliance to CII requirements. From that point forward CII requirements must be present onboard and will become more stringent over time.

The EEXI and CII

is a part of IMO's short term climate targets

By 2023, all vessels above 5 000 GT
and trading internationally
must fulfill new sustainable regulations

Goal of 40% reduction of CO2 ship
emissions by 2030


Complete Vessel Performance Monitoring System with Fleet Operation Optimisation Software

The solution for compliancy and combating climate change

Shipowners, operators, managers, and crew members must act to reduce emissions and prepare for compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner. There are numerous ways for a ship to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Energy-efficient instruments, systems, and technologies are required to qualify for higher ratings.

Proactively improve CII rankings, fleet performance, bunkering, and reporting while lowering costs with EcoMATE™, a complete vessel performance monitoring system and fleet operation optimisation software. A combination of our instruments, such as OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters, and the EcoMATE™ system is the ideal tool for achieving the highest ratings and implementing improvement plans.

Achieve the ability to combine profitability and performance by utilising our comprehensive system and instruments. Gain a positive change for your company and for the environment.

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KROHNE is one single interface, from the instrument to the data available ashore

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