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EcoMATE™ Hull Performance feature

Hull cleaning is an important part of ship maintenance and has a significant impact on sustainability and maritime efficiency. Monitoring hull performance with technologies such as EcoMATE allows you to directly optimize emission reduction efforts.

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Hull performance is a critical factor in the maritime industry, directly impacting the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of vessels.

A well-optimized hull design reduces drag, minimizes fuel consumption, and lowers emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment and reduced operational costs. If you're interested in delving deeper into the significance of hull performance, we invite you to download our white paper. Inside, you'll find insights and discover how prioritizing hull performance can elevate your fleet's performance and drive sustainable success in the industry's current challenges.

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Hull cleaning leads to an immediate fuel saving of around 9%. For the largest commercial vessels this can result in saving of up to 14 tonnes of fuel per day valued at around $7000-14000.

(Adland,. 2018)


Complete Vessel Performance Monitoring System with Fleet Operation Optimisation Software

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The amount of potential savings will vary depending on the vessel and the extent of fuel-saving measures already implemented. Benchmarking your ship will give crucial information for fleet and vessel analysis after hull cleaning, or prior to optimising actions. An instantaneous overview of current fuel usage will also give the operator information to adjust operations and maintain maximum efficiency.

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